Ambiance Warming Mineral Sugar Scrub
Give Your Skin A Spa Day Every Day™

Ambiance Warming Mineral Sugar Scrub

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Ambiance Warming Mineral Sugar Scrub is a unique sugar-based scrub containing mineral clay that activates and warms without water to remove impurities and dead skin.
Ambiance Warming Mineral Scrub provides skin feeling silky, smooth, and hydrated with extra Vitamin E.  Our scrub is salt and detergent free.

We suggest using the Mineral Scrub three times a week, but it is gentle enough to be used daily.  

DIRECTIONS: Wet face and then apply Warming Mineral Sugar Scrub in a circular motion.  Splash face with warm water to rinse, or rinse in shower.  Caution:  water activates the warming minerals in this product.  Do not get water in jar in order to avoid activation

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