What is Ambiance Dry Shampoo?

Our Dry Shampoo formula was voted the Best Powder Dry Shampoo in 2011 by Self Magazine. Ambiance Dry Shampoo is sold in salons and select retail stores. It also has an international following, being sold in the UK and Australia.  

The mission is simple; to produce high quality, effective hair care products that outperform. We believe every woman deserves the best care for her hair, and we are proud to be offering world class products to meet her needs. Our dry shampoo is formulated with only top quality all-natural ingredients.  With non-stop day to day schedules, we strive to help ease the efforts in every woman's hair care routine!

Ambiance Dry Shampoo is receiving recognition in the industry and has been featured in media outlets including Allure Magazine and ELLE – however, we are proudest of the acclaim and praise coming from our patrons themselves, and their many encouraging reviews!